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Imagine using catheters for 50 years of your life – that is 90 000 catheterisations! This gives a picture of how important it is to choose the right catheter, and some features are more important than others, see below.

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Proven long-term safety: Is there clinical evidence to support that the catheter I’m about to use on a frequent (or daily) basis is safe for me long-term? The surface of the catheter needs to be very smooth to avoid even small traumas – they might become real complications further on.

A steady grip and a handle for a non-touch technique, minimising bacterial contamination, are preferable to avoid infections.

Catheterisation is nothing to be ashamed of, but probably you don’t want to show everyone that you are using them. Is the catheter discreet and foldable to a pocket size?

LoFric Origo is an instantly-activated male catheter that makes life easier for experienced users and beginners alike. With LoFric you get all of the above.

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